Privacy Policy

Your Tax Information is Confidential

Tax returns and tax return information are confidential and may not be disclosed to federal or state agencies, or to federal or state employees, or to any third party, except as provided by law. Disclosure of tax return information to federal or state agencies or employees is governed by IRC section 6103.

I collect nonpublic personal information about you that is either provided by you or obtained by me with your authorization.  I do not disclose any nonpublic personal information obtained in the course of my practice except as required or permitted by law.

I do not disclose any of your confidential tax return information with any third-party without your explicit written authorization.  That means I cannot disclose your identity, income, net worth, tax liabilities, or other protected information to the Internal Revenue Service, state tax authorities, unmarried partners, friends, relatives, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, bank personnel, or any other person or company without your knowledge and permission.

If you need copies of your returns and/or information on your return preparation sent to a third party, please send me a request for a Consent to Disclose authorization form to complete and sign. I will not be able to comply with any requests until I have this authorization.

Please call if you have any questions, because your privacy, my professional ethics, and the ability to provide you with quality service are very important to me.