Secure Client Portal

Tips for using the Portal

Federal and State law continues to become stricter about tax preparers maintaining the security of their client’s personal information. Portals provide secure online (cloud) storage for the sharing of information using the same high level security banks and other financial institutions use.

The portal can be used for many purposes, from exchanging QuickBooks data files that are often too large for email, to sending forms to clients that can be signed and uploaded back to the portal for the preparer’s records. Preparers can uploads copies of tax returns or other information to the portal where each client has a personal password to login and retrieve the uploads. When the preparer adds a new document, the client receives an e-mail informing them that a document has been uploaded for them to retrieve. In addition, the client can upload tax documents or other forms that the preparer may need for tax preparation, etc.

It’s easy to begin sharing documents and information. Simply send me an email requesting to be added to the client portal. You will receive an email (you may need to look in your junk mail folder) with a temporary password to login to the portal where you will set a password of your choice. In the future you can easily access the portal via my website by just clicking on Portal Log In on the right hand side of the page or the Client Portal Button on the navigation bar.

Portal Tips

  • Scanned documents should be sent as PDF files whenever possible. Other formats may not be compatible in the portal as well as can be difficult to read. Please scan in greyscale, and a standard resolution, to keep file sizes smaller.
  • I can also accept QuickBooks data files, Word documents, and Excel worksheets.
  • Try to wait until you have received the majority of your tax documents before sending them to me. Multiple uploads makes it difficult for me to be sure that I have retrieved all your information.
  • Once all your information has been uploaded to the portal, go to “add note” on the right side of the screen, or send me an email at, and let me know that everything is complete and ready for me to retrieve.